Tellya: the intelligent and ingenious virtual assistant

Tellya is much more than an intelligent Virtual Assistant: it is a digital ecosystem that allows you to create and manage enterprise-level chatbots and organise your entire communication flow.

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Hi, I’m Tellya.

Together we can develop enterprise-level chatbot solutions and manage your company’s communication.

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Tellya Logo

Hi, I’m Tellya.

Together we can develop enterprise-level chatbot solutions and manage your company’s communication.

Do you need more information or are you ready to get started?

I need information

Well, our team of experts is ready to answer your questions

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Tellya manages communication processes

Natural language understanding is central to the development of virtual assistants. Companies today need a platform that is capable of designing an internal operational process based on a conversational flow.

Tellya manages natural language learning

The Bot learns automatically, by analysing and aggregating data from interactions between the user and the system throughout the period.

Tellya integrates easily into all your services

Forget the complexity of integrating and coordinating the entire process, because Tellya’s dashboard, the Orchestrator, allows you to manage all services and intervene in the flow. Ready-to-use connectors facilitate implementing without writing any code. The various touchpoints are integrated and managed centrally.

Your customers expect to be guided by someone who knows their habits and interests: Tellya can do this

Anyone entering a communication process will always bring their experience and knowledge with them. These elements are “taken for granted” in any relationship, especially a virtual one.

Tellya’s intelligence is able to reconstruct the communication flows of your potential customers, and analyse their search intent, by guiding the conversation and following it continuously and consistently.

Tellya guida i tuoi clienti

Choose Tellya for your company

Create an effective chatbot that adapts to your customers, helps you manage them, learns about your company’s services and is able to communicate them in the brand’s voice.

tellya, conversational intelligence


L'orchestrator, una dashboard per gestire tutti i servizi e gli obiettivi

Configure and test fu integration with your services

Your virtual assistant has not only a brain, but also a heart: this is the Orchestrator, the dashboard that manages all your services and objectives, a single environment where you have constant control over the flow design, seamlessly.

Orchestrator is an essential tool that ensures that the conversational experience between the customer and your company is goal-oriented and increasingly effective, based on the expected results.

Model your customer journey

Tellya is not just a technological tool for your company. It is an advanced system that allows you to focus attention and resources on the so called “conversational design” (i.e. your communication project), establishing more human-like relationships with potential customers.

Tellya is natively integrated with Google’s Dialogflow to manage natural conversations, adapted to the context and the task. Its operational flow allows you to arrange the overall experience and to apply changes to the workflow, without any additional coding, to boost performance over time.

In this way, your customers will always feel that they can rely on the virtual assistant, because it will be able to respond appropriately, guiding them towards your goals.

Il design conversazionale

Customer Service

Create valuable services and build loyalty

Your customers will be able to get intelligent answers 24/7.
Thanks to an intuitive graphical user interface, you can create your Customer Journeys quickly and easily, with the ability to intervene directly in conversations.

Digital Marketing

Build personalised digital experiences

The results are produced by a high-quality User Experience, consisting of precise and personalised conversations.
Thanks to its character design, you can turn Tellya into a fully-fledged communication project, with an assistant capable of reflecting the style of your brand, the right character for the role and, thanks to training, able to handle a variety of situations.

Operation Management

Analyse results and performance

Monitoring objectives plays a key role in the success of your project.
With Analytics and Monitoring Interface, metrics are always accessible, from conversational analysis to the quality of interactions, from workloads to cost balance and operational efficiency.

Do you want to meet the challenge of digital communication and improve your business with Tellya?

Train your virtual assistant

The training of a virtual assistant is a key activity that ensures optimal performance. To monitor the level of learning achieved by the chatbot, Tellya provides a user-friendly dashboard, which shows all conversation sessions with a history of questions and answers.

Tellya, in fact, improves its ability to respond correctly in conversations, thanks to the possibility to manually intervene on the answers provided, training the chatbot to choose the best answer for the context in question.

The system is able to autonomously recognise the main topic of a conversation, and thanks to Tellya’s collaboration features, it can send parts of the dialogue to specific people in the team.

Il modulo analytics: un pannello di controllo per supportare tue strategie

Monitor the performance of the virtual assistant

With the analytics module, you can access the main KPIs at any time, obtain the details of all sessions, and measure the quality of user interactions over time by tracking their intent.

The synoptic approach gives you an immediate and intuitive overview of funnels or session flows, to support your strategies.

In addition, there is a specific control panel that allows you to monitor the workload, and the overall health of the system.

Choose Tellya for your company

Create an effective chatbot that adapts to your customers, helps you manage them, learns about your company’s services and is able to communicate them in the brand’s voice.

tellya, conversational intelligence

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Do you have a set of information that you would like to use as the knowledge base for the virtual assistant? By submitting the information to the system, you can extract a set of metadata and entities that are useful for modelling the virtual assistant.

flussi conversazionali

Conversational Design

Define conversational flows, agent responses and intent characteristics.



This is when it is time to set up the platform by leveraging a set of ready-to-use tools and connectors.



Planned and tested releases using specific tools and strategies keep the system up to date, improving performance and relationships over time.

Tellya si evolve analizzando le interazioni conversazionali


Analysis of conversational interactions allows your assistant to evolve through AI-enabled training and learning.

Choose Tellya for your company​

Create an effective chatbot that adapts to your customers, helps you manage them, learns about your company’s services and is able to communicate them in the brand’s voice.

tellya, conversational intelligence

Noovle Experience

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Choose Noovle

Noovle S.p.A. is a new member of the TIM Group that aims to be a centre of excellence for Cloud and edge computing in the Italian market.
The company, which combines TIM’s experience with the specialist skills of Noovle S.r.l., a major Italian Google Cloud partner, offers a full range of tailored services and solutions – from infrastructure to single application – to enable and manage the digitalisation of businesses and Public Administration. With a nationwide network of data centres – built to the highest technological and security standards – the company can provide organisations of all sizes with resources and services in a secure cloud space, to which they can entrust their servers, data and information.
Through its strategic partnerships, the company can implement innovative private, hybrid and multi-cloud solutions, ensuring the secure management of public and private data within Italy.

Application scenarios

Conversational commerce

The digital audience, visiting a digital property in search of a product to buy, now expects a dedicated experience that takes into account the characteristics, interests and needs of the potential buyer. Providing tools to support this expectation is the key to increasing the conversion rate.

Tellya creates conversational experiences that facilitate the collection of user information and accelerate the sales process, increasing business opportunities.

  • Improves the user Experience
  • Promotes products, offers and promotions
  • Increases the Conversion Rate
  • Facilitates the collection of quality user information
  • Builds customer loyalty by stimulating up-selling and cross-selling
  • Measures ROI based on data analysis

Conversational Support

The best business strategy is to satisfy your customers, now more than ever with the proliferation of communication channels and the increase in digital interactions. Solutions based on Artificial Intelligence make it possible to automate support services, significantly improving the customer experience and strengthening customer relationships, therefore ensuring channel consistency and customer history.

Tellya enables delivery of multichannel, user-centred conversational experiences.

  • Reduces operating costs
  • Automatically manages the exponential increase in questions and interactions
  • Simultaneously manages different communication channels and digital platforms, apps, websites, Messengers (FB Messenger, WhatsApp, etc.), Voice Assistants (Google Home).
  • Reduces possible communication errors
  • Increases customer retention

Conversational IVR

Many companies are resorting to virtual call centres to provide a better customer experience and to streamline operational processes. Conversational IVR solutions are able to manage virtual agents which, by understanding and appropriately answering calls in real time, can automate interactions with customers, thus facilitating operators’ work and providing continuous assistance.

The artificial intelligence provided by Tellya also makes it possible to streamline, modernise and simplify the IVR tree structure, as well as providing a better user experience for its customers.

  • Operational 24/7
  • Supports operators in real time by providing specific documentation
  • Automates internal operations
  • Innovates traditional, time-consuming and unnatural IVRs
  • Keeps the same number of operators while the number of customers increases


Adoption of virtual assistance technologies is a major focus in the Digital Marketing strategy of many companies.

Tellya helps to deliver content in different ways (voice and text) and to create personalised experiences, through a continuous and authentic omni-channel connection with the customer.

Virtual assistants can be an effective ally in social media management.

  • Communicates your brand value as a true Brand Ambassador
  • Supports interactions in social channels
  • Increases lead generation
  • Improves customer Experience
  • Provides insights about customers and prospects by collecting data and measuring engagement

Field Services

Companies care about customer satisfaction, quality of services provided and optimisation of internal processes. Tellya automates, monitors, and evaluates technical support requests, guaranteeing immediate responses, facilitating operations and communication between the company’s departments and the end customer: all members involved receive timely communications with precise instructions.

Tellya provides virtual support for technicians in the field: it can guide operators, provide specific documentation and, if necessary, organise a remote consultation with an expert.

  • Improves service quality
  • Provides first level support
  • Operational 24/7
  • Reduces the time needed to deliver the required service
  • Automates internal operations by qualifying requests
  • Supports operators in real time

In any industry, with Tellya you can innovate customer communication, optimise customer care resources and give your brand a voice.